Prime 8's History

 In 1984, a group of Capital City Squares dancers, Chuck Wiebe, Art Farmer, Corky Bolin, and Greg Loe were driving weekly to San Francisco, dancing with Midnight Squares, learning advanced (A1-A2) level calls. In October 1985 a group of  Capital City Squares dancers, Corky Bolin, Greg Loe, Stan Boyden, Bill St. John, Art Katz, Joy TeSell, Rick Wilkes, Janell, and Kim Brownlee founded Prime 8's in  Sacramento, California. Prime 8's, as part of Capital City Squares, was an outlet for learning successive levels beyond those taught and danced by the club at the time.


Initially teaching Plus and later (in 1989) Advanced, Prime 8’s remained an arm of Capital City Squares, participating in its functions as well as hosting Advanced level club dances. Bill St. John designed the original monkey insignia for Prime 8’s banner and badges. The current logo was developed in 2019, with the colaboration of Billy Hinson, Bonnie Abramson and Russell  Marsh.


Prime 8’s incorporated March 23, 2000, as a stand-alone club. Prime 8's, as of July 2013, became and unincorporated 501(c)(3) public non-profit Organization.  Prime 8’s continues as one of the primary Advanced level square dance clubs in Northern California. Originally organized by and for LGBT individuals, the club membership and dancing now extend to any adult proficient at dancing Advanced levels.


Prime 8’s has hosted four A&C Western Fly-In Weekends’; in 1994, the 5th annual fly-in, Tahoe Tally Ho!; in 1999 the 10th annual fly-in, Tahoe Rewind; in 2004, the 15th annual fly-in, Tahoe Touch of Class; 2014 the 24th annual fly-in, Do The Funky Monkey.


Prime 8’s occasionally hosts weekend Advanced level dances. Currently, the club is dancing weekly, on Monday nights, work-shopping A1/A2 level calls.


Prime 8’s became an official member of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs (IAGSDC) at the Portland Convention in 1987. Prime 8’s also became a member of the Associated Square Dancers of Superior California (ASDSC).

In honor of Stan Boyden, and Bill St. John, their dedication to square dancing, and Prime 8's, the original Prime 8's logo has been adopted as the official mascot of the Club and is so named


Boyden St. John